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When it comes to customer relationship marketing, first and foremost is a focus on cultivating long term client satisfaction and retention rather than generating quick, one-time sales. While most companies and agencies state that this is what all of their efforts are indeed directed towards, the strategies that are being implemented say otherwise.

Most of the time, these strategies rely on outdated mass marketing approaches that pay very little attention to the individual preferences unique to each potential consumer. With the advent of social media, marketers have access to ways in which they can take consumer relationship marketing to the next level. Viral and buzz marketing can help companies because users of their brands can choose to promote their products on their behalf.

Other things like application development, public relations, and strategic content are also some of the tools available to help in cultivating a more personalized B2C interaction. However, even efforts to try to personalize campaigns often fall short of the mark due to a failure to effectively integrate these different campaigns. What is needed is a software that can address the individual through a variety of media with a consistent message that takes into account the strengths of the medium as well as the profile of that individual person.

Whatsnexx has based its software on the need for businesses to engage with consumers on a one-to-one level across multiple channels. It offers the opportunity to be able to do easily manage consumer interactions and monitor activity while still providing a targeted campaign.

Whatsnexx is a marketing development and consultation firm that specializes in customer relationship marketing strategies that place the consumer at the centre. These user-friendly tools use the most effective and state-of-the-art methods and technology to maximize ROI, whether you are a starter company or large and long-established. To learn more about what this exciting software can do to revolutionize your approach to consumer relationship marketing, please click here

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